Corporate Security, Threat Assessment, & Active Shooter Training

Red Line Preparedness wants to help your organization be prepared in the event of an active shooter. We offer a full variety of corporate security assessments and threat management classes. Our team will assist your management in reducing your organization’s risk and liability in the event of an active threat.

We will asses your organization’s physical security and provide a detailed report on areas for improvement. Our team uses state of the art drones to capture HD video and pictures, ensuring a 360 degree assessment. We will help your organization revise emergency operations plans and policies to include active shooter threats. We will train your staff on recognizing behaviors that can lead to violent behavior, as well as teach best practices for protecting and rendering aid in the event of an active shooter.

Let us build trauma and first-aid gear and equipment to treat any victims before emergency medical services arrives.

Together, we will prepare you and your organization.

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