Welcome to Red Line Preparedness. We offer a full variety of educational and consultation services regarding public safety preparedness.

If you are trying to purchase gear and have any problems you can email and we will get your gear sent to you. 


With the recent Covid-19 pandemic outbreak employers, people, and businesses need to be prepared. How are we going back to work? When?  Let Red Line Preparedness develop a Return-to-Work Plan and develop guidelines.  

Let us design, build, and prepare your organization for a traumatic or medical emergency. If you became injured at work would you know how to treat yourself? If you heard a gunshot what would you do? If your co-worker went into cardiac arrest could you perform CPR? Let us help you prepare for these types of situations.

Red Line Preparedness also offers trauma first-aid kits for personal and corporate preparedness. Our custom built kits and bags are designed to meet your specifications based on number of employees for your place of employment or individual first-aid kits.


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